Welcome to Santeri

Santeri’s Trampled Steppes are a peaceful place, filled with peace-loving citizens of all races and walks of life. Mighty heroes stamp out threats to the kingdom while the Golden Triumvirate reigns in the shining city of Ostirion. Crime is declining, crops are plentiful, and life is good. Or so it seems.

Peace and plenty are the lot of those who choose to settle in cities and villages, safe behind stone walls and under the watchful gaze of the guard. But those who choose to cling to their heritage, wandering the land and only rarely seeking shelter within established settlements, face reality from the day they are born. The Steppes are a very dangerous place for the nomads, whose caravans make up nearly a quarter of Steppes’ citizens. Monsters and bandits ravage the land outside of the Guardians’ protection. The Lawkeepers patrol the roads seeking out evildoers and defending Nomadic caravans, but even they can only do so much. The Legion is occupied in the west, holding The Defiler’s horde back as well as they can, but they cannot hold them forever.

The Defiler rules the Howling Hills, ancestral home of the Halflings. Once a peaceful folk, the Halflings join the Iron Dwarves in their endless battle against The Defiler’s horde. The Daggerpeak Mountains are controlled by the Golden Dwarves, steeped in corruption and utterly ruled by ancient traditions and customs. The danger here is subtler, but no less real than the others. The Burning Sands house the Sun Elves, whose devotion to the land is only rivaled by their skill in arms and arcana. Many would-be profiteers have found the hard way that the rich deposits of ore in the Sands are not theirs to take. Finally, the Penumbral Rainforest is the home of the Moon Elves and their brothers in arms, the Shadow Elves. Once the fiercest of foes, the Shadow Elves stand with their brothers and sisters to shelter the realm from some of the most fearsome creatures in all of Santeri.

The world is a very, very dangerous place, that’s why we have heroes. Heroes like you. With your help, we will break free of the forces which threaten to destroy us and lead the way towards a brighter future. I wish you luck, we’re both going to need it.

Legends of The Old Kingdom

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