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Welcome to the Archives. This is the sum total of the knowledge your characters have gathered during their adventures. You’ll start with a basic knowledge of Santeri’s regions and their inhabitants, as well as their histories. Your characters themselves may know more than is in the Archives, but anything on this page may be freely referenced during sessions.

If you can’t remember a character name or a certain event, just pop into the Archives and take a look. You may also find the Adventure Log and Map sections helpful in this regard. You’ll most likely never remember things as well as your character would, and that’s okay. This is a tool to help you roleplay and streamline our sessions, hope it helps!

Regions of Santeri

The Howling Hills
The Burning Sands
The Trampled Steppes
The Daggerpeak Mountains
The Penumbral Rainforest

The Land Below

Our History

The Age of the Ancients – Prehistory to Year 1
The Age of the Dragonborn – Year 1 to Year 1000
The Age of the Gods – Year 1000 to Year 1200 (present day)

Relevant Organizations

The Dragonborn Tribes

The Complete Pantheon of Santeran Deities

Recently Added Articles

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Main Page

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